Sometimes you know me better
Than I do know myself
You keep surprising me all the time
I tried to hide so many things
And youíve found out about too many

And still, you donít know everything
One topic always repeated
You just donít realize
That I canít stand those words
They keep bringing me down

You might laugh about it
And Iíll keep smiling forever
But on my way home
The tears are running freely
I feel stabbed in my back again

Itís the one thing that made me lose
The kind of person I wanted to be
I canít endure the image of myself
Your words like a mirror
And I canít close my eyes

I tried so hard to forget and change
Back to how I used to be
Iíve lost my trust for good
I donít believe in paradise no more
And it hurts to see that you do

Iím standing sideways tonight
I look at the world and every happy face
They live their lives without
Asking twice if they might be hurt
Losing isnít troubling them too much

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